Saturday 23 September 2017

Peking - British Legation Build Complete!

Right then. That's the construction for the British Legation knocked off I'm very pleased to say. Not 100% happy with how it turned out but certainly it's good enough that I'm not inclined to redo any part of it at this point. I'm sure once it is painted up I'll be even happier with it.

The "hospital" lurks in the corner near the gatehouse. More like a closet that anything else but the size isn't important so much as it's role in game play. Wounded Allied troops get sent here and some recover to fight on whilst others do not.

The interior of the wall looks pretty sparse at the moment but there's impromptu fire steps and other set dressing to be added. These will be removable to allow for various scenario options.

Time for a lick of paint or three now.



  1. Lovely stuff, especially the gatehouse. I'm sure it will See a fair bit of action!

  2. It surely looks amazing Millsy! The gatehouse is just downright stunning. I would appreciate a picture with some figures for scale references though ;-)

    Cheers Sander

  3. It just gets better and better

  4. Fab model, the hospital will really be needed, I remember 55 minutes in Peking where the Russian player had ALL his troops in a daisy chain inand out of the hospital things were that bad for him....

  5. Amazing work, Millsy! I just watched 55 Days at Peking on Turner Classic Movies last week too!


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