Sunday 24 September 2017

Peking - British Legation Complete!

I'm happy to report that bar a few minor items (e.g. a flag) the British Legation is complete. Overall pretty happy with how things have turned out. The photos don't show the contrast as well as they might so you'll have to imagine that the window frames are clearly distinct from the darker interior.

As per several requests, some 28mm Perry Miniatures British Naval Brigade stoutly defending the gatehouse to give a sense of scale...

I'm still debating the front door. I left it out til now thinking I could make an undamaged and a damaged version for a last ditch defence but that just seems like a lot of effort. If the Boxers and inside the walls it's pretty much game over man anyway (go on click away, you KNOW you want to).

The first floor can be removed for a smaller walled configuration if I decide to do some battles outside Peking. The roof also comes off both the main building and the hospital for storage and so figures can hide inside.

The hospital...

At some point I think I'll add some window shutters in the same red as the roof folded back against the wall for a bit more interest. As it is stands it looks a bit flat. Having said that, some trees and a statue or two in the courtyard will go a long way to alleviate that.

I've also finished up four small stalls for the Mongol Market which I'll put up later in the week.

Thanks for all the positive comments on the build to date. It's taken considerable effort and the feedback has been a great motivator.



  1. Top notch building Michael, excellent job!

  2. Great stuff. May I make a recommendation or two? You might want to think about making up a barricade for the main gate and possibly the front door of the legation. If you used a cart with the wheels on it could be placed off to the side and wheeled into position when and if needed. My second suggestion would to stack some crates or some such at a couple of places inside the walls to use as firing steps for Her Majesty's Marines. Right now the figures cant shoot over the wall....
    Lovely job overall. Any more legations on tap?

  3. Congratulations! That's a quick turnaround from unpainted as well.

  4. Brilliantly done and thanks heaps for including the figures!

  5. Wow! That was fast, and the results stunning! Amazing work again, Millsy.

  6. Cracking stuff Millsy! This sure didn't take long from start to finish! Maybe some scatter terrain and barricades to add some more variety?

  7. That is brilliant bit of work Millsy .. well done

  8. What a triumph! Superb work Millsy.

  9. Gosh blink and you've built and painted it! Looks great, especially the gatehouse.
    Best Iain


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