Friday 5 January 2018

The Empire Strips Back

With three submissions posted for AHPCVIII and awaiting Curt's tender ministrations I've taken stock and looked at what might be tackled next.

I've almost worked my way through all the lead I prepped prior to the Challenge starting. That being the case it's about time I spent a little time on some more prep work, especially given I'm back to work [SOB!] on Monday morning. I just know when I get home I'm not going to want to prep so having a pile of paint-ready minis sitting on the desk will be a big incentive to give the TV a miss and pick up a brush.

Enter two units of Warhammer Fantasy Empire miniatures, plus a few items not pictured that will be bonus round entries...

Not sure which will see the brush first, it'll be a simple matter of whim I suspect. :-)



  1. Ah,yes. I am very much looking forward to seeing these painted up.

  2. But have you been to the Empire Strips back show?

  3. I hate stripping old minis but it is soooo worth the effort!

  4. Nice! Looking forward to seeing these restored!


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