Sunday 7 January 2018

Boxer Rebellion Japanese Infantry

The next instalment of troops for my 55 Days at Peking project are more Imperials, this time the Japanese legation forces.

The miniatures are from Oshiro Model Terrain and quite honestly some of the best miniatures I have ever bought. Not only are the incredibly cleanly cast, they are also packed with detail and thoughtfully designed. They come with separate heads and unlike the majority of my experience in this regard, these fit very well and are even able to be turned to the side if desired.

The miniatures also come with separate backpacks (I've left them off to use as supply tokens) which have a locating "lug" that fits neatly into the straps on the back of the miniature, meaning they sit perfectly aligned and don't slide while the glue dries. I'd go so far as to say these miniatures are not so much sculpted as crafted.

Next up is a bunch more Boxers (36), which will thankfully take me very close to completing the "natives" with only some Tigermen and a rickshaw packed with explosives(!) to go.



  1. Very nice. I will keep these in mind.

  2. Cracking job Millsy. Great to see these in the flesh . They do look good on the web site!

  3. These guys look pretty sharp, Millsy! Looking forward to the Boxers!!

    Once you get some of the Russians done you could also do some Russo-Japanese War skirmishing... (Though when I think of The Russo-Japanese War I kind of think of REALLY BIG BATTLES - like Mukden and such - not so much of the skirmishing!)


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