Saturday 28 April 2018

Empire Altdorf Halberdiers

As promised last post, here's the latest addition to my Warhammer Fantasy Empire army - a unit of 24 halberdiers in the service of Altdorf. This brings me to a total of 60, in two units of 24 and a detachment of 12, more than enough to form a solid core of foot troops. I really must remember to do the basing on my unit trays at the same time as the troops themselves...

On the painting table at the moment is another of my (many!) half-finished units in a unit of French 3rd Hussars for my 15mm Napoleonic project. They should be completed this weekend. Woohoo!



  1. Outstanding work Millsy. Making me want to paint some Empire/30 Years War figures!

  2. Great looking halberdiers, Millsy! Love the huge axe heads!

  3. Fantastic stuff once again mate - love all the bright colours amongst the armour

  4. Beautiful brushwork Millsy. I really like that vibrant purple.


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