Sunday 22 April 2018

Sunday Workbench

I've been pretty quiet of late, struck down by a near-terminal case of man-flu, combined with rebuilding my PC and lots of actual real life work. Occasionally though I've managed to find time to twirl the brushes, plugging away at a bunch of post-Challenge leftovers.

On the painting table at present are a 95% finished unit of Altdorf Halberdiers for my Warhammer Empire army. This is the last (thankfully) of a total of 60 of the buggers. Just a little touching up to do and finish the basing...

There's also a number of additions to my Epic Imperial Guard Steel Legion in the form of a second company of Shadowswords, extra Griffons and two more Baneblades to turn a single guy into a full company.

Once these are complete it'll either be more bits and bobs or I might kick into full swing with the Scottish Project depending on motivation.



  1. Good to know you are still out there toiling away, I was getting worried.

    1. In this instance I feel bound to refer you to the immortal words of Mark Twain my good sir!


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