Sunday 14 October 2018

Kill Team - Heretic Astartes - Half-Dozen Second Cousins of Chaos

I've played a few games of the new Warhammer 40K Kill Team game of late, enough to convince me that it's worth me painting up a team or three.

My mate Pete kindly gave me a bunch of old plastic Chaos Marines he had scored off fleaBay a while back. They were in a pretty poor state paint-wise and a couple needed some repair and re-positioning of arms and weapons but they were certainly serviceable and most welcome. Last night and on and off today I have been speed painting five of them as Slaanesh to form the core of my team, somewhat tongue-in-cheek named the Half-Dozen Second Cousins of Chaos.

These guys were once members of other chapters but their particular perversions were simply to out there for them to be tolerated by proper wrong-thinking Slaaneshi so they were exiled, left to drift through space and time until they found each other.

From left to right we have Brother Click Bait, Brother Big Brother, Brother Dutch Oven, Brother Crocs (hence the horrid green feet) and Brother Coldplay.

I have a bunch of plastic Cultists assembled and ready for painting too. Those should go under the brush starting tomorrow night and will likely be finished next weekend. Suggestions for names are most welcome, and that means YOU Evan :-)



  1. Shouldn’t brother Coldplay be yellow?

    Love em

  2. Great looking Chaos Marines, Millsy! They look like they were fun to paint.

  3. If you want to make some fan-boys head explode you need to call one of them Brother Sister... or... Sister Brother... but be prepared for the onslaught of BUT SPACE MARINES CAN'T BE GIRLS BECAUSE FAKE-FUTURE-RETRO-SCIENCE SAYS SO!!!

    These look pretty fab, can't wait to see what's next!

  4. Love 'em mate - cracking job with the colours
    great stuff!

  5. why would you call any miniature √čvan"?

  6. Brother Crocs is simply going too far! Isn't the 41st Millenium awful enough? And Brother Love should be in there surely?

  7. I shall have to view the cultists first and then we'll see how inspiration moves me...
    ; )
    But these guys are pretty cool in the painting and nomenclature department though!

  8. Hmmm... It occurred to me just now that Brother Dutch Oven's grip on the top handle of his heavy bolter looks disturbingly like he's "choking the lizard", especially given I chose to paint the skull on top a fleshy pink. I guess that's Chaos for you.

  9. Wearing Crocs DOES seem like a Slaanesh perversion...


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