Sunday 21 October 2018

US Forces Get Some Bods

Time for a quick post to catch up on some recently completed for my Konflikt '47 US Army. It's too late on a Sunday night to go into these in depth so I'll let the pics do the talking...

50 cal HMG and crew

Mudskipper Medium Jump Walker with Bazooka upgrade

And so you can get a sense of the size of the Mudskipper, here's a comparison shot with "Junior", my Coyote Light Walker from the US Starter Set. Disconcertingly, Junior is about twice as heavy as he has metal arms and legs as opposed to his big brother who is all resin.

That's enough show and tell for one night. Back to the AHPC IX prep!



  1. Great work Millsy! Love the Mudskipper. Where's the bazooka? Is it part of the arm?

    1. Yep. There's a pair mounted on the underside of each forearm. I could have gone with extra MGs but given the 30cal in the chest and the twin cannons on the shoulders I decided to add a little in-your-face style AT instead.

  2. WH1.947K?
    Lovely work, Millsy - now get out there and kick some Nazi butt!


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