Tuesday 20 October 2020

Classic Wargames Book Collection reaches 100 titles

Following a spate of recent acquisitions my collection of Classic Wargames Books has reached the magic triple figure total of 100 titles. It's only a number after all but it has given my something of a sense of satisfaction even so. There's few things nerdier than a slightly OCD wargamer who is also a qualified librarian it seems...

The last few years have seen prices (and postage!) increase. Combined with ever increasing scarcity of titles it is making it more and more difficult to find the remaining items on my wish list in good condition and within my price range. It is what it is and we soldier on manfully.

The most recent addition is a rather unique item - one of the very first published sets of wargames rules from 1964 - Miniature Wargames du temps de Napoleon by John C. Candler.

It's a surprisingly comprehensive tome containing plenty of B&W imagery, the rules themselves for both land and sea, tips on painting, modelling, campaigns and more. At the time it would have been virtually unique in breadth of scope. The larger commercial sets these days have very similar formats and content so it's interesting to note how prescient Mr Candler was in that regard.

That's all for today. Hope you are all safe and well!



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