Sunday 4 October 2020

A Song of Frost and Gravy - Chapter 6, "The Millsy Imperative"

My friend and blolleague Millsy emailed me a while back about our progress (or lack of) with Frostgrave;

Now, as we picked up Frostgrave back in 2015, and the second edition has just been released, that was an uncomfortable assessment. A pretty poor show on my part!

So what to do? All very well for me to faff about with terrain, but if we never play a game, what's it all for?

Remember these guys?

This is the warband as it had been for many a long year; Vaino the Enchanter, Ilmar the Apprentice, a Ranger, an Infantryman, and Doctor Lividus de Bruse, Apothecary-at-Large to the Court of Duke Delius of Marchmont (deceased).

Well, they have some new friends;

A Crossbowman, two Thugs, and an Archer; while this brings the numbers up to a more playable level, the limited funds for a starting warband mean that the Apothecary will need to be sidelined until after we accumulate a few extra spondulicks.

But in the meantime, the new missile capability will hopefully give the warband a chance of survival in the snow-bound ruins of Felstad.

And for heavy lifting and general expendability, the two Thugs; not by any means elegant, but they come cheap.

Finally, a complete warband, and it only took five years! Truly, all good things come to those who wait, but poor Millsy has had to wait longer than most...

What now? Stay tuned...



  1. Nice looking bunch of adventures! 5 years doesn't seem too long to paint a warband, I cheated and just reused my D&D figures from the 1980s with my teenage enamel painting, they could be worse,they could be better!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain - remember, there isn't a teenage enamel paint job that can't be rescued by a wash of brown ink!

  2. Your loyal audience expects a game!

    1. We'll have to get busy then! I hear that Millsy has some wonderful terrain ready as well...

  3. Well then! Time to plan a game or three. Perhaps a sojourn to the mountains is in order sooner rather than later mate!

  4. Talk about holding us in suspense!

    1. It's set in a glacial city, so it's only fitting 😉


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