Cobalt Peak Game Design

Cobalt Peak Game Design offer a range of desktop publishing and design services to the wargaming community. I specialise in doing layout and design work for all your wargaming projects, be they personal OR professional.

Projects I can add value to include complete sets of rules, quick reference sheets, campaign books, army lists, army background info and much more. No job is too big or too small!

As a gamer for the last 30+ years I have a personal interest in gaming in a range of periods, scales and formats. This has helped me to build up a mountain of experience in gaming which I can bring to your project. A traditional designer might need lengthy explanations and even then possibly still not quite "get" what it is you are trying to achieve - not me. Have a look around our Canister & Grape blog and you'll see how many pies I have my fingers in. :-)

Recent projects include MoTG's amazing IHMN Gothic and  Blood Eagle, and Simon Miller's wonderful To the Strongest! wargames rules and quick reference sheets (see below).

Rates are very competitive and I'm happy to trade work for other than a payment in funds if it suits both parties. Contact Millsy on to chat about your project and for an obligation-free quote.

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