ECW Campaign

My good gaming buddies Adam and Curt (plus myself - Millsy) are playing out an ECW campaign via email and on the table-top. You can see how we're doing it by downloading our campaign rules.

Battles to date
Twitcher's Frollic, Wednesday 12th March, 1642 - narrow Royalist victory.
Curmudgeon Moor, Thursday 27th March 1642 - Parliament victory.
Scratchy Knob. Saturday 29th March 1642 - stalemate.

Here's our current campaign map...

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  1. If I might make a suggestion, take a look at my "Alpian Wars" campaign blog. I used the "Victory Without Quarter" rules for solo play with two "online generals" directing the action. It worked very well . . . even though I was using troops from an earlier period.

    Now since there are three of you, it should be easy for a battle to be fought out with two "remote generals" and the neutral player fighting it out on the table top. . . . Here is the link to my Alpian Wars blog (and we fought out three battles based on Grant scenarios):

    As with all blogs, you will want to go to the earliest date and work your way forward. Here is a link to that first post:

    Also you might be interested in looking at the "Mini-Campaigns" link in the right hand column. They too use Grant Scenarios in a linked fashion.

    -- Jeff


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