Heinrich Kemmler's Undead Army of the Cairns

Heinrich Kemmler's Undead Army of the Cairns appeared as a "fluff army" in White Dwarf issues 309-311 and when I read about it I was instantly hooked - it's packed with character, a relatively low model count and satisfies a hankering I've had for some time - to paint some undead for Warhammer that aren't Vampire Counts or Tomb Kings (which are the standard lists).

Many of the miniatures are as close to those suggested in the WD articles as possible. The early 90s is my sweet spot for Citadel so I was more than happy to remain faithful to the articles in that regard.

I painted the entire army in slightly over a month as part of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge in 2013-14. If you want to see the whole story you can view the other threads in the project in the right order here:
  1. Intro: Heinrich Kemmler's Undead Army of the Cairns
  2. Undead Army of the Cairns Part I
  3. Undead Army of the Cairns Part II
  4. Kemmler, Krell, a Shadow Druid and a Wight King
Krell, Kemmler and a Shadow Druid

Vignette base for command models when on display

The vignette base also has filler items so it can be used as terrain.

Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster

Krell, King of Wights

Shadow Druid

Barrow Wight King


Simulacra II

Tomb Stalker


Embalmed Ones

Winged Nightmare


Skeletons II


Unquiet Horsemen

Barrow Guardians

All up this represents close to 3,000 points when you add in command upgrades, a few magic items and such. By my count it is 126 miniatures including monsters and the chariot. Here's the complete list:

Lords and Heroes
Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster (550 pts)
Wight King Krell (190pts)
Shadow Druid (70pts)
Barrow King (100pts)

3 x Simulacra (195pts)
3 x Simulacra (195pts)
20 x Skeleton Warriors including command (217pts)
20 x Skeleton Warriors with spears including command (241pts)
1 x Ghost (60pts)
1 x Ghost (60pts)

8 x Embalmed Ones including command (106pts)
10 x Unquiet Horsemen including command (245pts)
20 x Barrow Guardians including command (290pts)
1 x Tomb Stalker (45pts)

1 x Winged Nightmare (175pts)
20 x Glooms (120pts)

Here's an "order of battle" showing unit sizes and types:

And to finish things off, here's the whole army out on parade.

Certainly one of my crazier projects! I'm chuffed with the finished product though and it has significantly shrunk the unpainted lead/plastic pile. What's not to like?



  1. Superb army. I have many of the figures and I'm planning on painting the Lichemaster up myself at some point, although initially this will be for Terror of the Lichemaster. I have those copies of WD though and plan on adding a few gloom set al!


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