Monday 14 March 2011

Lead Painter's League 5 - Rnd 1 notes

I have entered the Lead Painter's League competition for the first time, so I thought I would give some extra information about what I did for the competition. I thought I would gives some details on the figures, painting and basing, and then the photography.

for those who are not aware of the competition have a look here, its pretty cool

So here is the pic in question

The Figures

First up Madame is a RAFM dilettante, her mystic is a RAFM cultist, while her driver, bodyguard and secretary are Innocent Bystanders from Brigade. The car is a Lledo Rolls Royce Phantom II.

Since the 1st round theme was civilians, I found it hard to find 5 civilian figures all with the sme theme, so this was the best I could come up with. My teams for the next 9 rounds are alot stronger.

all figs were painted with acrylic paints being a mix of humbrol, vallejo, then magic ink (sepia) washed. I varnish in gloss and I like it :-), I know heaps of people don't though.

All figures were flocked with a fine green flock which was then painted; for the bystanders it was black dry dry brushed grey to replicate tarmac, its a little dull I know but it works pretty well. For Madame and the Mystic it was the same except using red paint and no dry brushing, surprisingly, its a pretty good match for carpet. Some people may have noticed that Madame seems to have a very tall base, RAFM figures come on very heavy bases and because of her dress I couldn't cut it off so I built it up instead

Taking the photo

I took the photo using a Pentax K-7, with a 90mm lens on a 1 sec exposure (with a cable release) at F36 using a mix of natural and Fluro light. I manually set the white balance but the colour is still a little off. Also just as an aside the colour is much more intense than I thought, I did my editing on a laptop but seeing it on the compettion page on a normal desktop PC, the difference is quite marked. I think I may have to resubmit 1 of my other photos after viewing them again.

This pic has probably the weakest compostion of all the photos I plan to take for the competition because I don't enough 20th C terrain to set the scene, so I just kept it simple. It didn't turn out too bad, anyway more next week !

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