Sunday 6 March 2011

Saving Private Lurtz

I'm not a massive fan of the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings miniatures in general but I DO like the Uruk-hai. They're nasty looking, wear plenty of very "functional" armour and just generally seem very much like I always imagined them to look.

Having finished a "good" army for Hordes of the Things I decided I'd give the Uruk-hai a go for my first "bad" army. I picked up a good number of the Fighting Uruk-hai off eBay for a nice cheap price, all pike. Unfortunately "a couple" with snapped pikes turned out to be almost a quarter of the miniatures and the majority of the broken pikes (present in the picture and therefore fixable) turned out to be just one when they arrived. Hmmm....

Anyway, trying not to let that annoy me I set about what I like to call Saving Private X, or in this case Saving Private Lurtz. By that I mean picking up some badly painted or bashed about miniatures and "saving" them. Sometimes that means surgery, replacements or whatever. In this case an armless guy will appear later as a crossbow wielding chap, several more have changed pose slightly and had replacement pike installed. The whole lot then got a blast of matt black spray. Even at that point the neglect of the previous owner seemed miles away.

A few hours and lots of dry brushing and inking later and I now have 22 quite useful pike, ready to be based up in sixes as Spears for HotT. Tim, aka Saskminigamer, has done a very similar force to what I'm working on but didn't use the levelled pike figs as they might catch on opposing stands when ranking up. I'm going to give it a try. Madness? We'll see...

So here they are in all their as yet unbased glory. Remember to click for bigger pics...

I've got a couple more pikes in the post along with a shed load more Fighting Uruks with hand weapons, plus Scouts of various flavours too, a Cave Troll and of course Saruman. Once all are complete I should have about 36 points worth. Stay tuned...



  1. Sounds like a good looking force.
    I too had a load of pikes to fix... I ended up using a 0.5mm drill bit and fuse wire... worked quite well :-)

    1. I was tempted to go the same route but having already converted Empire spearmen into Dogs of War pikemen I'd had enough ;-)


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