Monday 8 August 2011

HOTT Project Update II

More progress made tonight on my current project - speed painting Undead for Hordes of the Things.

Tonight has seen the Ghosts (Hordes) finished off with a couple of rounds of dry brushing and the Necromancer (Wizard) completed too. Apologies for the image quality. These are a bit flash burnt, mainly due to tiredness and not setting up decent lighting. Remember to click for larger versions...

All that remains of my original 20AP is two bases of Skeletons (Blades and General / Blades). I picked up enough bits to make 4 bases of Skeleton Archers (Shooters) today on eBay. I'm also digging about for some more bits to make some more Skeletons (Blades) and also some Fliers. No sign of my Spiders (Beasts) as yet but hopefully they will arrive soon too.

I'm pretty happy with how this is progressing. Fast enough to justify the speed label but still of a high enough quality that I'll be happy with them over time. Til next time...



  1. Nice! Can't wait to see the others!

  2. Cheers Tim. I'm quite happy with them as I said. I suspect the hardest bit will be stopping :-)


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