Sunday 7 August 2011

HOTT Undead Project Update

It seems the speed painting thing is working for me! I've just about finished the four bases of Skeleton Spears I talked about in my first post. All that remains is a little highlighting and dry brushing. I'm not sure what colour scheme I want for the bases yet - some sort of brown or perhaps a black / dry brushed in grey. Comments, suggestions etc. gratefully accepted...

I'm also about a third done with the remaining Skeletons and the Necromancer. The Zombie Horde and I experienced some "creative differences of opinion". They thought the they were detailed enough to warrant an extensive paint job and I didn't. Consequently they're now base coated and inked in a variety of blues, greys and greens in preparation for lighter and lighter shades of dry brushes until they are reinvented as a Ghost Horde.

Stay tuned...


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