Saturday 13 August 2011

HOTT Project Update III

More progress to report which is always a pleasure to do. I've finished everything I have available now so I'm waiting on the post before continuing. Here's the first 20AP completed. Remember to click for larger images...

Necromancer (Wizard - 4AP)

Ghosts (Hordes 4 x 1AP)

Skeletons (Spears 4 x 2AP)

Skeletons (Blades / General 2AP, Blades 2AP)

I've somehow (typically!) bought far more than I need. As I said the rest is in the post and includes a Vampire (Hero), Skeletons (Archers x 4), Bats / Skeletal Vultures (Fliers x 2), Spiders (Beasts x 2) and a Devil (why did I buy that???) so in the end I'm going to have 40AP+. Hmmm....

The project will be on hold now for a while which is probably a good thing. ;-)


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