Monday 26 December 2011

Alien podule plant-life

Merry Christmas and all that folks!

For me it certainly was, especially seeing and Mrs Millsy knocked out these little crackers for me as a completely unexpected presso. These are for my Bug Planet sci-fi project and quite frankly put my own efforts to shame.

The downside for Mrs Millsy is that she has set a precedent and will now be expected to produce others items of interest. Did I mention it's my 42nd birthday in a few days time???

Apparently these are made from styrofoam spheres, string, blue quartzy pebbles, dribbly glue, blue raffia and fake Christmas holly berries i.e. sans leaves. And much effort. Really, a LOT of effort. And oblique questions. And secrecy.

Enough blather, click the pics!

Comments welcome. Tell Mrs Millsy what you think!


1 comment :

  1. My own estimable wife is, alas, immune to the siren song of terrain-making...



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