Saturday 31 December 2011

Planning for 2012

Hi all,

Millsy here with a bit of a wrap for 2011 and some plans for the coming year.

I've had a pretty busy year all up in gaming terms. 2011 was probably my highest output ever in terms of both figs and terrain, an outcome I'm pretty chuffed with. Over the year I knocked off a pile of stuff, including but not limited to...
  • A complete New Israeli force for Gruntz 15mm sci-fi plus a stack of terrain to match
  • Close to two complete 28mm armies for HOTT (soon to be for sale so watch this space)
  • A pile of Warhammer Lizardmen
  • Close to 30 x T-34s for Flames of War
  • Two decent sized (800pts or so) forces for Song of Drums and Shakos
  • Almost my entire backlog of 28mm colonials miniatures, plus a fort and associated buildings
  • 30+ figures for 1938 A Very British Civil War along with close to a dozen repaints of diecast vehicles
To be honest that list has surprised even me as I typed it out. I actually had to refer back to blog posts to make sure I'd not missed anything. There were other bits and bobs in there too but this is the material worth mentioning. I feel I've matured as a painter too both in terms of speed (which should be obvious!) but also technique. All up a great year from my point of view.

So what does 2012 hold? I'm planning a four pronged painting assault for the year ahead...

Warhammer Dogs of War
These guys have been sitting quietly in the background and slowly growing. Given I have mostly finished the Lizzies it's time to give these guys some serious love. I plan to make these a really special army with plenty of extra effort and not just painted ASAP to play. I've already started so stay tuned for some pics.

Gruntz 15mm
I've got two more forces bought and ready to go, plus there is a painting challenge on the forum. Things have wained a bit in terms of interest for me but a couple of the other lads are kicking off in the C&G clan. Hopefully v1.1 of the rules will finally surface and that will also fire the enthusiasm.

Colonial Sudan
I'm about halfway to where I want to be with these guys. I still have some basic Mahdists infantry to do but I can then hook into both the cooler Mahdist units and also add some more Empire troops. Finances have slowed this down a bit which is not so bad really even if it means my fleabay cravings have gotten a bit worse of late. ;-)

1938 A Very British Civil War
Again, these are about halfway done for stage one i.e. figs owned. Some pretty snazzy industrial terrain is in the works birthday-wise I believe and we've got the odd game on the cards too. Plenty to look forward to here as well.

Gaming-wise there are a couple of major upcoming projects...

Napoleonic Campaign
I've finished the rules and the map for Poland 1807. Nug and I have worked out our starting positions and we're in the middle of raising forces before kicking off properly in about a week. The campaign itself won't be heavily blogged as it might give things away but individual battles certainly will get reported.

Going the whole hog on the list of systems
Nug suggested we try and get a game in of EVERY major system we play this year, something I'm certainly up for. If that happens it will be pretty cool as it means close to a decent sized game every month.

That's about it from me for 2011. Just time for a quick Happy New year to all before closing. We've climbed to a "massive" 21 followers on the blog (welcome all!) so the sky is the limit for 2012.

Edit: This makes 10 posts in a month, also a new record for the blog. Woohoo!


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