Sunday 18 December 2011

A few random native chappies

I'm not sure what these fine fellows are. They came amongst the colonial troops from my previous post. I suspect they might be Old Glory North West Frontier types but I'm not by any means convinced of that. If you know what they are let me know!

As I didn't have any particular plan for these I've used them as a test for varnish dipping (although I'm painting it on). I used Cabot's Walnut Stain & Varnish in an undiluted form. I think they're a bit dark and flat but overall I'm happy enough with the result. I think next time I'll mix it 60/40 varnish/water for a slightly more subtle effect.

As a test they fine anyway and it gives me confidence I can pull this off for all the Mahdists which was the point of the whole exercise anyway.

I've also just finished a couple of random officers and NCOs from some minor colonial power and I'm working on a Naval Brigade Gardener gun plus a heliograph section. That will knock off all the Empire and allied stuff I have and then it's Mahdists all the way for a while.

Actually, having said that there will be a brief interlude for a couple of units of French Napoleonic Chassuers for our upcoming campaign in the new year beforehand I think...



  1. Hi, Those are Wargames Foundry from their Indian Mutiny range.



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