Thursday 19 April 2012

Free Mahdist Wars Event Cards

Hi All,

I put these together for use with TSATF but they could easily be adapted for other colonial theatres or even other periods. Some of the ideas are from various other colonial sites about the net, massaged until I was happy with them. Please feel free to adapt, copy or otherwise use as you see fit.

The set contains a total of 32 cards in colour, plus a reverse side featuring Charles Gordon's final moments from "that" painting. There are two A4 sheets each for the British and the Mahdists with appropriately colourful events and explanatory text. Each faction's cards contain 8 "good" and 8 "bad" events identified by a thumbs up or down.

If there is sufficient interest I might add another 16 cards for the Egyptians and Sudanese and possibly some generic cards that effect both sides at once. Let me know if you're interested via the comments and feel free to suggest events if you want.

Enough waffle, here's the cards. Enjoy!



  1. A sandstorm could affect both sides, but especially Highland regiments. Owwwww!!

    1. Well it certainlu puts a different spin on "They don't like it up 'em!" that's for sure!

    2. "Carry On Up The Nile", anyone...?
      (Cue Sid James' trademark dirty laugh)

  2. Now these might come in useful!

  3. Great idea Millsy. I am looking at playing a bit of TSATF again this year as well so these will come in very handy!


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