Saturday 21 April 2012

Shake 'n Bake Colony in 15mm

As part of my 15mm sci-fi project this year I promised myself some decent terrain to go with my new forces. So far the natural elements of the terrain have been coming along nicely but there was nothing of a technological nature in the mix.

Determined to correct that omission I've made a start on filling that void. Here's stage one of Bug Planet's occupation by non-indigenous life forms - a Shake 'n Bake colony. In total there are three buildings, a reactor and some free standing barricades with more to come.

Everything is scratch built, mostly from cork floor tiles and corrugated card. There's a few popsicle sticks, a bit of an old rescue service toy, some CPU shipping bits, a deordorant can lid and the top of a Lego container in here too. See if you can spot them!

Apologies for the lighting. I could say I really must get round to building a lightbox but it's easier to say the sun(s) are setting! ;-)

Command centre front

Command centre rear

Bunker front

Bunker rear

Habitation module front

Habitation module side

Walls / barricades

Some GZG figs and a vehicle for scale

I've got plans for some storage tanks and a small pipeline, a landing pad and launch control and probably some temporary housing assembled from shipping containers. Any suggestions for other stuff?



  1. Don't worry about a lightbox - they mostly come out at night anyway.


  2. That's a good start on your colony.


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