Friday 13 April 2012

WFB - Knights With No Name

Hi All,

Here are some knights for my ongoing Dogs of War project but they could just as easily do for Empire (being from the Empire box set after all). These have been lurking about on the painting table for a good few weeks now, just wanting shields and pennons on the lances. I've been putting it off through a lack of inspiration and feeling under the weather.

Anyway, to cut a long story short in between sniffling and coughing I thought "Bugger it, man up and finish em!". So I did.

Now that leaves me with a problem. I've got zero ideas about a name for these chaps. Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions. Best "entry" might even get naming rights. Unlike a football I won't charge you for the privilege either... ;-)

Bigger pics when you click!


  1. Some modest examples;

    Carlo's Condottieri - in keeping with the tradition of alliterative (and dull) nomenclature so beloved of GW's DoW fluff writers.

    The Knights of the Burning Pestle (homage to the 17th century satire on chivalric romance)

    The Red-and-White Company - the colour scheme is in place, but the name is a little tip o' the hat to Conan Doyle's story of 14th century English mercenaries in France and Spain.

    Groschenpfennig's Goldspurs (LLC) - "The most loyal troops that money can buy.* Ask about our special rates for wholesale destruction! We honour competitors' coupons!"

    *Subject to a given value of loyalty. Individual concepts of loyalty may vary. Offer not valid in Remas, Miragliano, or Estalia.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Ahem, let's start with a racy suggestion:

    Knights of the Purple Head Plume

    And now on to less blush-inpsiring suggestions:

    Knights of the White Banner

    Knights of Concorde

    Order of the Holy Coconut

    And more serious suggestions:

    Knights of Outremer

    Knights of the True Shield

    Knights of the True Sword

    Knights of the Ferverent Deed

    Knights of the Glorious Rede

  3. Some cracking suggestions already. Keep em coming!

  4. Since they're hard-bitten mercenaries, maybe you could festoon them with a few extra weapons each, all of which carry price tags.


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