Saturday 19 May 2012

Federal Army Peacekeepers for Gruntz 15mm

This is the beginnings of my second force for Gruntz - Federal Army Peacekeepers (aka F.A.P.). The theme this time is a lightly armed force, similar but a deal more "pragmatic" than the current UN peacekeepers.

Whenever there is an insurrection, disturbance or even the hint of trouble within the Federated Planetary Systems these guys are dispatched to restore order and "ensure lasting and absolute effectiveness of local authority". Many worlds that have been visited by the F.A.P. argue that the only kind of peace they bring is the peace of the graveyard. The F.A.P. counter this by saying that they only ever respond in kind, never starting fights but always finishing them.

These are all the vehicles the force will have, anti-armour support being provided by mechs more suited to close urban terrain. Gruntz are transported in APCs by Old Crow (vehicle chassis and weapon pods) and preceded by fast recce in the form of Old Crow six-wheeled scouts with GZG weapons.

I've gone with a plain colour scheme to represent the varied theatres these troops fight in. There are plenty of unit symbols and aerial recognition markers to help with the fact guerrilla forces will use a lot of Neural-Net attacks to disrupt IFF, targeting and comms. The Mk I eyeball plays a big role in preventing blue on blue for the F.A.P. (or should that be green on green?)

I'm really struggling with silvering on the decals at the moment despite doing all the right stuff like gloss varnish underneath and solvent as well. They look OK to the eye but it still shows up in photos. Go figure...

Infantry are on the painting table at the moment but an epic ink fail due to magic wash "going off" means they're on hold until some more floor polish arrives from the US. Why on earth can't you buy anything decent in Oz any more???

I must say before I finish that the quality of these Old Crow vehicles for the price is superb. Very clean casts with almost no faults and lots of detail and character. They're also very well sanded underneath, nice and even unlike many other resins I've bought.

Anyways, hope you like the models and back story. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions...

Til next time,


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