Sunday 6 May 2012

144 corks and some inspiration equals...

...alien terrain. Quite a lot of alien terrain to be precise!

Mrs Millsy has had a box of wine bottle corks in her craft cupboard since near the dawn of time. To say I've had my Wombling Eye on them would be something of an understatement. Fortunately for me I was able to catch my good lady in a moment of weakness and she donated the lot.

Cue a lot of thinking, cutting, gluing and other shenanigans and hey presto, an even dozen snazzy new rock formations for sci-fi gaming sprang forth. These are primarily intended for my 15mm Bug Planet project but there is absolutely nothing on them to really indicate scale so they'll fit nicely into my 28mm games as well.

Here's a few pics. Remember to click for bigger ones...

I'm rather happy with these given the total outlay is less than $10 plus some time. Most pleasing was the number of pieces as I always feel I under do things and leave myself wishing I'd made more of something like this.

They range in size from about 6" up to 12" long. The height is fairly uneven (deliberately so) and stands about 2.5" at the tallest point. Yes I know I've mixed decimals with inches but I don't care.

As people sometimes ask here's a brief list of materials:
  • 144 corks
  • gum nuts
  • 3mm MDF board
  • sand / gravel / cat litter
  • brown / cream paint
  • brown flock / orange plant life

I think with the exception of some sort of tall trees that covers off the natural terrain part of the project, at least for now...

Let me know what you think!



  1. Nice work as usual; sort of like the Giants' Causeway if the giants were binge drinkers!

  2. Interesting post - I think the new terrain pieces look fantastic.


  3. You are a genius! I'm off to make good use of my cork collection. I buy packs of used corks at my local art store to stick mini's on while I paint. About half have rounded bottoms and are no use. At least, they were useless until now.

  4. Not sure this qualifies as "genius" but I'm willing to go with it.

    A number of people have said this is reminds them of the Giant's Causeway. It never occurred to me until someone suggested it. I guess that's how it goes with us "geniuses" ;-)

  5. Great idea and really effective. All the better for being done cheaply. Nice!


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