Saturday 19 May 2012

Gruntz 15mm Sci-fi Battle Report

Nug and I played our third game of Gruntz earlier tonight. As we've not played very many games we stuck to a straight meeting engagement with balanced points. First a couple of shots of the table during the game. Apologies for the lighting but it's a night game and I still haven't got a sparky lined up for the rack lights I bought.

Here are the forces in summary...

UNSC Grav Force - 300pts played by Nug
1 x Commander
1 x Medic
1 x Engineer
3 x Gruntz Squads (6 + 2 x SAW)
2 x Gruntz Squads in Power Armour (6 + 2 x SAW)
2 x Specialist HMG
1 x Heavy Tank
1 x Medium Tank
1 x Light Tank

NIAEF Hover Force - 300pts played by Millsy
1 x Commander
1 x Medic
3 x Gruntz Squads (6 + 2 x SAW)
3 x Medium Tanks
1 x Medium Command APC
3 x Medium APCs
2 x Specialist MAWPs

Over about three hours of gaming the game tipped back and forth until we both decided to withdraw, having each suffered substantial losses in the last couple of turns. Nug lost all his armour and I'd lost almost all my gruntz.

The table was 6x5 and loaded up with all our new Bug Planet terrain. The whole thing looked terrific and we had great fun, learning plenty of painful lessons along the way. Even this early on we hardly needed to refer to the rules which is a testament to the engine and all the work Robin has put in. We felt that the majority of outcomes were what you'd expect (or dread!) with a dash of luck or unpredictability to spice it up.

Points wise, 300pts a side is probably a bit big for a Friday night. I'd say we'll be settling on 200pts as an evening game standard adjusted for scenarios. We'll also start using a card based random unit-by-unit activation to balance things out a bit so the initiative player doesn't have such an advantage.

As has been discussed on the forums the points system is a bit unbalanced with better quality troops being a bit too cheap using the current linear scale. This is supposedly addressed in version 1.1 so we're eagerly anticipating it's release.

All up a great night's gaming and we're looking forward to next time.


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