Sunday 12 August 2012

Song of Drums & Shakos AAR Four

Last one for a while we promise! [Ed]

Having plenty of time Matt and I reversed the mission and I took the French with the deployments very similar.

However the French activation rolls worked beautifully with a very good group move enabling the group to move twice.

Matts activations were slender and he did nothing to support the two soldiers on the bridge and the subsequent French moves enabled them to shoot and wound one guard, storm the bridge and then assault the British Sergeant.  This was the first time we had made a close combat assault and it was quite deadly with the Sergeant killing the one attacker.

Follow up turns though had him knocked to the ground and he then received the bayonet for his troubles.  The remainder of the British were consolidating at the wall.

With no guards left the French stormed the bridge but became piecemeal in the rush but fortunately despite some fire survived relatively unscathed.

The two forces continued to exchange fire and despite losing three troops along the way the French managed to consolidate close to the British.

Again the French survived some close shooting and poor British activations and then primed for an assault with the French officer failing to kill the knocked down British bugler.  A subsequent activation though had a French musket shoot and wound the British Officer at close range which meant the British fled off the board and relinquishing the large stocks of wine and ale to the victorious French forces. 

I tried a couple of triple roll activations in this game and they came off very well and Matt was unlucky with his double rolls.  It was great to play one of the scenarios and also to get some troops into hand to hand combat for the first time.

I had recently bought some Conflix buildings and had only just completed my Hovels bridge so was very pleased with the table top.  Another couple of great fun games and I look forward to many more.


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