Sunday 12 August 2012

Song of Drums & Shakos AAR Three

For this game I used Assault on the Farm scenario as the basis and dropped the defenders from 10 figures down to 10.  This was another game with Matt, the wargaming novice, and for this I started with the British defending the bridge and Matt attacking with Matt winning the initiative.

French deployment was as below.

And the British.

As Mat had the initiative he went but had problems activating his troops and so can on piecemeal while I started well and formed a nice three layered defensive position.  The Brits had obviously only just arrived at the bridge as they had not yet had time to plunder the Tavern!

Matt came on and I started some desultory fire.

Eventually Matt got his troops lined up properly and things were starting to fall into place when Private Tomkins in the corner of the wall fired a deadly shot and wounded the exposed French Officer

With the loss of the Leader the French went to pieces and in the subsequent fleeing move lost another three troops and the remainder were scattered.  The French Sergeant was able to rally the troops sufficiently to try and come on again but with only just 75% of the starting force.

Being outnumbered the French suffered at the weight of British shot and were soon down to 50% casualties ending the game.  The British officer did very little this game with at least the last 5 activation rolls failing but lead by the Sergeant at the bridge he was not needed.  Obviously he was casting a wanton eye over the large amount of liquid stock and working out how much he could sell it to the rest of the Battalion for!

A very enjoyable game and Matt really must learn to not put his officer out in the open!


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