Sunday 12 August 2012

Song of Drums & Shakos AAR Two

I was lucky enough to have a second game with Matt less than 24 hours later.

The French started very well with some good activations to move forward and set up a nice deployment.

This game soon developed into a stand up and shoot it out brawl as you can see above and it was very much the turn of the British to win as they outshot the French who lost the 6 soldats to 1 private.  Matt employed a different strategy with his dice and predominantly went for single die rolls to ensure he could activate as many troops as possible while I was a lot bolder and generally went for 2 die.  Unfortunately for me I rolled many double fails on the first one or two activations so passed the play to Matt frequently.

Unlike Eric who is a wargamer, Matt is not at all but is happy to play for some light entertainment.  I am happy to say that Matt, Eric and I all very much enjoyed playing the game and picked it up very easily.  All of us are very happy to play some more and it will be fun to get some Riflemen and other types of troops painted.

Now that I have played a couple of games I have been looking at how powerful troops with Quality 3 and Combat 3 & 4 are.  I have had my Perry Riflemen figures arrive recently and I am very keen on getting them painted and giving them a try but I must question the Q4 and C2 for them.  I also think that the author of the rules must really like the Scottish troops because they are Q3 and C3 which I think is more appropriate to the Rifles.  But Eric is keen on the Highlanders and I have my Rifles so we will hopefully be able to give them a go on the table and be able to make an informed opinion later.

French Old Guard being Q2 and C4 will be really nasty so it is fortunate they are so expensive and you can get almost 4 British Line Infantry (104 points total) for the one Old Guard Grenadier (93 points).

I also have put together my essential gaming equipment now too with my cotton pom poms for shooting markers, appropriate dice and measure sticks made out of bamboo kitchen skewers.  Gaming on the 4’ x 4’ tables with my 25mm I am happy to use the larger ranges and the Short Medium and Long are simply the Red White and Blue.  Nice and tiddly albeit somewhat of a cliché! 


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