Sunday 18 November 2012

Argh! Rebasing SYW for Imagi-nations...


I hate rebasing but there are times when I just knuckle down and do it. In this case at least I'm more than a little motivated by the fun Evan and I are having with our new imagi-nations project over at Die Kriege des Zobelshuts. We've been accepted into the amazing fratenity of Emeperor vs. Elector and we're loving the diplomactic side and the friendliness of it all.

The figs below are my old Front Rank 28mm SYW Austrians, now pressed into service as the loyal men of the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Coburn und Buchholz. Originally they were in units of 16 so I've had to mix them together, paint odd new figs and over paint the occasional facing to get them into an arrangement that works for Maurice. I was tempted to stick with 16s but needing 50mm square bases for cavalry meant the infantry looked a bit lost. 24s seems a lot more convincing from a mass effect point of view. These are coming along very nicely though and by the end of the week I should have four units of line infantry and one unit of grenzers all done.

I've gone with a slightly odd arrangement of figs on bases, partly because I didn't want to split the flags across multiple bases, but also just for the sheer hell of it as it's imaginary stuff all the way so nothing is "wrong" as there's mo "right". My own DIY flags here and here will really set them off too.

Ironically, I very nearly sold these off twice but my mate who sells my stuff on never got back to me so he's missed out. I'm rather flipping happy that happened as I'm not starting from scratch with my army in this case. I'm lucky that the techniques I used to paint first time round can be brought up to my current standard with a minimum of work. I can also replicate the style easily and merge new with old without issues.

On the workbench I've got a fourth unit with the grenadier company already painted (requiring only a retouch and facing change) plus the remainder of the fusilier companies. There's also some artillery crew that are finished but won't be based until the guns are ready - these are still very Austrian-looking and I'll probably just have them in as mercenaries for now.

In the background are the last of the ECW figs I've been painting recently. This will give me four units of 40 figs, a nice tidy force for decent sized games.

That's about all for now.



  1. Rebasing is a right pain in my opinion. Good luck with that.

    1. Thanks mate. Thankfully I'm over the worst of it.

  2. Oh stop your crying and get on with it, you know it will be worth it in the end. ;)


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