Sunday 4 November 2012

The Cupboard of Shame

Wandering about on my Sunday morning blog read I came across a couple of post regards various other gamer's lead piles / cupboards of shame - one from the Big Red Bat and another from Legatus Hedlius.

In the firm belief that the first step to dealing with a problem is actually admitting you have a problem, I'm baring my own compulsive collector's soul. I should point out at this point my post title is a little misleading. It should have been plural cupboards. Umm.... VERY plural. So here we go...

First up is the actual, original, Cupboard of Shame. In here we have a good 10kg or so of lead, resin and plastic at a very rough guess. Some of the box bottoms are actually giving way due to weight. All the plastic containers are pretty much brim full with the exception of the ECW which has taken a good pounding on the painting table of late (thankfully!). Once this was where all shame lurked, but like my blogging brothers mine seems to have escaped into the wild.

ECW, SYW, Flames of War, Conquistadors, Medievals, Ancients, Naps, Dystopian, Necro and others...

Sliding sideways we find another two cupboards (which to be fair contains almost entirely painted armies) BUT even then we manage to find two full boxes of Perry metal Catachans and metal 40K Space Wolves.

Over 100 Perry brothers metal Catachans

And a good pile of metal 40K Space Wolves as well...
Next up is the evil twin of the original Cupboard of Shame. Not so much in here as I recently had to evict most stuff to make room for painted stuff. More Flames of War and umm... I don't actually know what else. Maybe 15mm sci-fi? I can't find them right now so that's a good guess.

More Flames of War and... I have no idea...
Dropping down to the shelves below we find the clear plastic containers that supposedly encourage me to paint the contents as they glare accusingly back at me from their transparent prisons. Men such as myself, hardened by years of accumulation and denial are unfazed by this. Ha I say! Ha!

WFB Savage Orcs, Elves, Lizzies plus Perry WotR, pulp, more pulp, 1:1200 naval terrain, LotR and more...
Sliding right again we uncover a bit of plastic in the form of more Perry WotR, 1/72 WWII and WFB. I had to actually look in the brown box to find a good 50+ VBCW metal figs and some 28mm Naps. It's like Chrimbo come early in there!

I have no idea how this got here. I don't even remember moving it.
And lastly the 20 litre Storage Container of Shame plus a couple of boxes of GW stuff... Roughly 4,000pts of WFB Dogs of War including a large proportion of the rare and hard to find stuff (a real weighty sucker that one), another TWO complete Space Marine chapters plus 4,000pts of Warmaster Empire. Also a stack of Void (didn't really need em but they were cheap so what the hell and they'll make great mates for the Catachans), more Flames of War, and more stuff I can't remember.

Doggies, Space Marines, Warmaster Empire and more...
And that's it, I think. It probably isn't but I have no idea what might be lurking elsewhere right now. That was actually better than I thought to begin with. I'd best order something else...

PS. This is what happens when you have too much on the go. Spiders attack...

Arrrgggghh! Get this off me!
Fess up lads. We know the rest of you are just as bad. Except my best mate Cory but he's just plain weird. ;-)



  1. Guilty as charged, m'Lud...

    Although most of it is plastic rather than lead.

    WFB Ogres and Empire, 40K Spess Mehreens and Orks, numerous WWI plane kits, assorted odds and ends too numerous to mention.

    Also some Ral Partha Goblins from 1980 or thereabouts, never so much as a whiff of a brush near them!

  2. I am so envious! "Cupboard of Shame"? Blah! "Cupboard of Awesome potential" more like! I'd love to ferret through that lot - especially the Pulp and Medieval stuff :-)

    Hold your head up Proudly good Sir!

    Paul of the Man Cave

  3. Now that is stash to be proud or ashamed of depending on your perspective! I'll need to get mine up soon.


  4. Out-bloomin-standing! I am in awe Sir, for while I confess that I too have a problem it pales into insignificance compared to your wondrous hoard.

  5. I can so relate to this post - good luck!

  6. What a collection! You're swimming in lead and plastic, and I'm a bit jealous!

    1. It's a fine line between swimming and drowning mate ;-)


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