Thursday 23 May 2013

Clay warriors for pulp games

Just a quick post regards these chaps which have been lurking about 99% completed - half a dozen clay golems for pulp games...

In reality they are a couple of samurai archers I've had lying about for yonks, plus four samurai warriors I originally bought for Curt's 3rd Analogue Painting Challenge as my challenger's entrance fee. They are pretty ordinary figs and I couldn't bring myself to send them on so I found another use for them. They may well be the easiest thing I've ever painted...



  1. Famous Last Words in Pulp Adventure; "Animated temple guardians? Nah, that never happens. Let's just go straight in."

    Although these chaps would give even the most insouciant tomb robber pause for thought!

  2. Very interesting take on these. I recognize some as West Wind Samurai. Best, Dean

  3. They turned out nice and still useful!

  4. I am sure there was once a set of 28mm Terracotta Warriors.

    Maybe some other reader will know who produced them.

    These look great and ideal for a Pulp scenario.


  5. I think this is brilliant, in fact I might be digging out any left over Samurai and doing the same!

  6. Thanks for the positive comments folks!

  7. Sounds like a pretty handy use for them and they look good too.


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