Wednesday 29 May 2013

The Autumn Collection - "It's PLAAAAIDulous!"

It's that faaaabulous time of year again, when Ev of Drummoyne prepares to wow you all with his Autumn Collection!

Here's Cormac, looking rugged in fetching moss green wool with an accent check in umber and bone;

And for the warrior who isn't afraid to blow his own horn, here's Fergus, wearing the latest in battle gear for the discerning man about the glen!

And here's Diarmid, sporting the latest in our outdoor range; the heavy wool cloak doubles both as a cagoule and a sleeping bag in wet weather!

And now I think I'd better check the label on the cold and flu tabs, just to check if the advisory info warns against blogging under the influence of pharmaceutical-grade antihistamines. I suspect that my judgement may be a wee bit impaired at present... what's that, Mr Lobster? Yes please, another glass of Dr Loamblithering's Purple Infuriator, if you'd be so kind...

More later!


  1. Great looking figures, Fergus is my favourite!

  2. That's some impressive looking tartan you have there, great job Sir.

  3. You should hit the Cold and Flu drugs more often mate! These are quality work in double quick time. I'm rather partial to Cormac myself of the three. Give my regards to Mr Lobster BTW...

  4. Your Scots look fabulous in their tartan and greens. I'd love to paint up a Scottish warband but man, all that tartan can break a painter's heart.

    Oh, and I'll have some of whatever you're having!

  5. Thank for all the encouragement, lads. I've been taking the time to look at lots of other people's work around the blogs (present company especially included), and finding myself inspired by it.

    Seeing what a bit of patience and hard work can achieve has certainly dragged me out of my rut. Thanks for helping to motivate me!


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