Sunday 28 July 2013

SAGA Anglo-Danish Hearthguard + 100 followers!

Real life has been getting in the way BIG TIME of late. Firstly my son has started a programming course near where I work two nights a week. Whilst I am very proud of the little chip off the old Millsy block, it means staying back rather late after work and consequently not doing much modelling. Add to that a LOT of search and rescue work with the fire brigade and, well, nothing much has happened recently. Until now...

This weekend I got my life back (such as it is), got the brushes going and finished 3 points (12 figures) of Anglo-Danish Hearthguard for SAGA. Woot! These guys are Crusader metals and a real pleasure to paint. Lots of detail but not too fine, lovely proportions and plenty of character in the poses. Unfortunately there are only four variants of the long-axe wielding chappies but a bit of careful painting are they are sufficiently different so you won't notice on the table.

In the dozen hearthguard there are 2 x 4 groups with long-axes and 1 x 4 with a mix of weapons. This means I can field the long-axes as a larger block of 8 at times to change things up. Here's a couple of quick shots of some of them from the rear as you can't see all the shields in the frontal views.

I've got 8 levy bowmen left to paint and then I've got a full 6 points finished - warlord, 4 x long-axe hearthguard, 4 x long-axe hearthguard, 4 x hearthguard, 8 x warriors, 8 x warriors, 12 x levy bowmen.

Finally, we've been quietly ticking towards 100 followers over the last few weeks despite the lack of posts. Welcome aboard to James Brewerton, Guidowg, 1/72 figures, Paul's Bods, Grigork, Baconfat and number 100... Secundus. Hope you all enjoy what we have to offer! We're well on the way to 50,000 views as well and should pass that milestone in a month or so. At that point I guess we'll have to do the obligatory giveaway huh? ;-)



  1. 12 POINTS??

    Incredible work, but I can see I'll have to pick up the pace to get anything playable any time soon.

    I'm still painting my first 4 points..!

  2. Nice work. Sometimes life means we don't spend the time we have liked to have spent on our hobbys.
    Congrats on the followers going up.

  3. Congrats on reaching 100 followers, but the real story here is 12 pts! Wow!

  4. Oooh, they look very jolly.
    Nice work

  5. Thanks all for the positive comments. ;-)

    @Ev you must be pretty close to finishing your 4 points though given everything I've seen you post on here of late...

    1. I've blocked in skin and cloth base tones for the remainder of the Warriors, but they're not at an interesting enough stage for WIP shots yet.

      Besides, I had a couple of tartan-related mishaps which meant that I had to start a couple of them from base tones again, which is frustrating, to say the least!

  6. Lovely work, Millsy! The shieldwork is pretty tasty - well done. AND congratulations on your 100 milestone!

  7. Congrats on the 100 followers.
    Great figure Millsy, they look very dangerous!!!

  8. Stunningly painted Warband, Millsy. Congrats on 100, but I'm sure your followers will surely grow with beautiful work like this Best, Dean

  9. Great painting, Millsy! I especially love your scratch painted shields. Great minds paint alike, eh?

    And congrats on both your blog and being a great dad to your son.

    1. Thanks Monty, much appreciated. My son's a great kid and makes me proud as hell. He's worth the effort. ;-)


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