Sunday 16 February 2014

More Assault Marines for 40K

Just a quickie today...

This is another addition to my 40K space marines, in this case a squad of five metal body assault marines. The sergeant had a power fist but I cut that off with my shiny new Dremel and gave him a power sword instead.  The idea is that I by removing the power fist he can be busted down to private as required. That way I can field these as a squad of five or merge them with my other squad of five for a super-sized ten man assault machine.



  1. Lovely work, and tactically useful in opening a giant economy-sized can of whupass on the enemies of the the Emperor.

    (And you scored some more Mechanicus shoulder plates, I see - nice one!)

  2. Terrific looking squad, the red is very deep. I'd love to see a rear shot to see how you painted the rest of the jet packs; the front intakes are really nice.

  3. Sorry for missing these earlier. Yes, very nice squad - and I agree with James (aka Baconfat) about the deep tone of the red you used. Marvelous. Best, Dean

  4. Great work Millsy - Which chapter are these?

    1. My own divergent one - half Blood Angels, half Dark Angels with an Adeptus Mechanicus twist. This is not necessarily because I thought a lot about what I was doing, more like I can't make a decision so I mashed three or four together :-)


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