Wednesday 12 February 2014

Sir Thomas Tyldesley's Regiment of Horse

These have been up on the painting challenge blog for a day or two now so it's time to show em off here too...

Sir Thomas Tyldesley was a stout Royalist and long term supporter of King Charles and was present at Edgehill. He raised regiments of foote, horse and dragoons. He continued to fight through all three civil wars and at times served under Prince Rupert. He never once surrendered to the evil crop headed rebels and his light was only extinguished in 1651 when we was finally killed in action at the Battle of Wigan Lane.
Today his memory lives on through re-enactment by Sir Thomas Tyldesley's Regiment of Foote.

These are Renegade Miniatures from their lovely ECW range which is unfortunately currently unavailable. Luckily I bought enough to make two units well before that happened. The remaining figs are currently also in progress and should appear here presently. These paint up a treat, with plenty of prominent detail and nice poses in the riders. The command are particularly nice with nice chunky sashes and a Dutch coat for the trumpeter. If I have a gripe at all it's that the horse poses are very similar with the exception of the head position. Still, it's a minor quibble and they rank up well.

I've painted these in my usual style - horses with a black undercoat and riders with white undercoat.
The black base gives plenty of help with the reins, etc. on the horses and also a nice dark coat colour for the various browns and greys. I love painting horses and tend to go a bit mad for variety but the result is worth the effort. The riders are base coated in a variety of colours before a combination of dip and inks for shading with highligts to finish off.

Next up, Rupert's Lifeguard AND Regiment of Horse.



  1. Yes, saw those on the challenge blog. Great looking unit!

  2. But what of Oakey's Dragoons? Or Haselrig's Lobsters? We mustn't let the Royalists have it all their own way!
    ; )

  3. Excellent looking cavalry...and basing!

  4. Wonderful job, wonder what happened to Renegade?

    1. I suspect it is a combo of real life (she's a harsh mistress!), changing market (metals vs. plastics) and the fact their original sculptor now works for Bicorne Miniatures doing ECW for them at least some of the time.


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