Tuesday 25 February 2014

Painting Challenge Casualties Bonus Round

Curt has gotten all the content for the Painting Challenge Casualties Bonus Round sorted out and posted up. There are some truly inspired entries as participants interpret the theme in their own unique ways. I encourage you to pop over and see for yourself some of the wonderful creativity on show. How Curt gets this stuff organised and posted in such short time is beyond me. He deserves a massive pat on the back!

For myself I've taken a bit of an easy road this time as I've got other things going on. Still, I'm quite pleased with how this Flames of War objective marker came out. It's a destroyed Italian tank - a M14/41 Carri Armato. I'm not usually much into these kinds of items but this has been quite fun and will dress up our table quite well, especially as I seem to turn a lot of teeny tiny working tanks into pretty much this same thing. :-)



  1. Nicely done! This is just a guess but is Carri Armato Italian for "Iron Coffin?" It sure looks flimsy.

    1. I believe the literal translation is "made from recycled pie tins".

    2. Possibly from the Latin root "amare" or "to love",as in "amo, amas, amat". So, "Carrier of Lovers" perhaps?

      The heavier Italian tanks were known as 'Carro Pesante", or "Carriers of Peasants".

  2. I thought this was a rather poignant reminder of just how damned dangerous these things were! Great job mate.

  3. Very nice work, beautiful details...

  4. Excellent entry, Michael. I'm even more impressed than ever with the level of detail you work in 15mm. Best, Dean


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