Thursday, 24 April 2014

It's our 4th Birthday!

Nothing says "birthday" like dodgy clip art, Comic Sans and the Ogre of Europe!

According to the calender today is the blog's 4th birthday. Seems like only yesterday we were screaming and crapping in our pants. Oh, hold on, that WAS yesterday. Regardless, we've now turned 4 and continue to display all the childish behaviours we should have grown out of years ago. Long may it continue!

We'll forgo any form of official celebrations and the obligatory giveaway (silence at the back!) as we're rapidly approaching the 100K posts [that's HITS you idiot - Ed] milestone so we'll do something substantial when that occurs.



  1. Happy birthday! Thanks for all the fun!

    100K posts? That's impressive. How many hits? ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Millsy and Ev, long may you continue to not grow up!!

    I thought I was prolific in churning out posts every couple of days but 100k in 4 years is an impressive rate of almost 69 posts a day ;)

  3. Bravo chaps, here's wishing a very happy blog day.

  4. Bravo, to many more! I raise a drink in your general direction. ;-)

  5. Has it been that long already?

    So many posts! (mostly Millsy's)

    So many figures! (mostly Millsy's)

    So many pieces of terrain! (again, mostly Millsy's)

    So many completed armies! (all Millsy's, definitely...)

    To all our friends, followers, and visitors old and new, thank you all for your support and kind words over the years; as I've said before, without you, we're nothing, but with you, we form part of a weird, wonderful, slightly wacky and utterly diverse community.

    And we wouldn't have it any other way!
    ; )

  6. Happy blog birthday! Did you ever think you'd be doing this for so long and meet so many new people?

  7. Happy Birthday Millsy, No need to enter me in the prize draw... Oh what there isn't 1! ;-)

    Look forward to many more posts, very enjoyable blog you have!

  8. Many happy returns on a fine blog Millsy, long may it continue!

  9. Thanks folks. A considerable amount of credit for the blog should go to Evan as well, not to mention the other lads who sit across the table.

  10. A great blog now a little older.
    Keep up the great posts.

  11. Congratulations!! Awesomely well done, Millsy. Always great to keep coming back here!

  12. pretty nice blog, following :)

  13. Well done! Many happy returns!


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