Thursday 10 April 2014

Nothing happening but plenty going on...

Things are in an odd sort of holding pattern here at Millsy Towers. I'm working on a pile of different projects which are all at various stages that aren't really blogworthy in and of themselves. However, I felt bound to make some sort of blogging effort to keep things ticking over and ensure people don't think I've sunk in a pit of post-Painting Challenge despair.

Painting Challenge
Speaking of the 4th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, Curt has started posting the various final prize rounds. I'm very pleased to be able to report I managed a double honourable mention for the Challenger's Choice Award and also took out top spot for the People's Choice Award. If you cast a vote my way for either you have my heartfelt appreciation! Some eye candy...

Challenger's Choice honourable mention - 2,500pts of Warhammer Undead goodness

Challenger's Choice honourable mention  AND People's Choice top spot - Ney with the Reargaurd in 1812

ECW Campaign
On another note, I've spent some time recently preparing to run a not-so-solo ECW campaign using a combination of various rule sets. The plan is to have the campaign level fun shared between myself as Royalists and my wonderful internet gaming buddies Adam and Curt (yes, THAT one) running Parliament.

All the strategic campaign level stuff will be done with a modified set of Warhammer ECW campaign rules, all three of us playing a part. The lads and I will work out a number of table-top battle scenarios per campaign year and they will supply orders for the Parliament forces. I'll then fight them out at Chez Millsy playing my side in person and Parliament by "remote control" (this is the solo bit). For the tabletop rules I'll use Clarence Henderson's popular Victory Without Quarter.

It should all be jolly good fun and I'll be blogging about the progress as we go...

Some terrain
Finally, I'm about 3/4 of the way through assembling and painting a Celtic stone cross for use in Dark Age and other period games. It's the same one Evan did such a wonderful job with here.

And that's it for now...



  1. All fabulous news and I will be paying particular attention to the ECW game as stating to make progress on my own fledging forces.

  2. Excellent work, love Ney's vignette...

  3. Very well deserved, Millsy! You completed some wonderful painting projects and had a huge output of figures which was pretty staggering to see. The "Ney with the Rearguard" vignette was amazing. You deserved your wins and rewards many times over! Awesome, Sir!

  4. You but out some stirling work Sir! Interested to hear how the ECW campaign plays out.

  5. Hello.
    Gorgeous and very well made​​, especially in winter scene, napoleon campaign period.


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