Sunday 13 April 2014

Paint Table Saturday a.k.a. Evan Gets Me Cross...

Evan did an absolutely bang-up job with a Celtic Cross he bought from Ainsty Castings. At the time I didn't know he'd bought TWO with the intention of bestowing the other on me as a gift at a future date.

When I mentioned I was going to buy one and started asking questions this backed the poor bugger into a corner and he was forced to reveal his (very slightly) nefarious plan. Anyway, one thing lead to another and the next thing I was in possession of my own copy. And here she is...

Yes, you're seeing double. It's just taken a while...

I'm pretty pleased with it, if not with the photography. Evan's effort is much nicer but then he invested a lot more time than me too.

Before I nip off hello to maximex, Destiny, Steve63 and Mark Stanton. Welcome aboard!



  1. That was a lovely thing for him to do. I think it looks just fine!

  2. Superb! Well done. I especially like the flora.

  3. At the outset, I must echo the sentiments of my esteemed blolleague Millsy and welcome our new followers; glad to have you aboard!

    Michael, glad to see that you've been able to give the stone cross a finish commensurate with the standard of the sculpt. It's a lovely piece, and you've certainly done it justice. And I really like the moss effects, definitely a contender for this year's Most Creative Use of Tufts!

    I have to point out to our readers that I was in a blind panic trying to keep the existence of the second cross to myself; having purchased two with the intention of keeping one aside as a Christmas pressie. As Michael has said, I finally fessed up to spare him the unnecessary expense of buying one of his own.

    The moral of this story is that I should never consider a career in espionage, I'm rubbish with secrets!

  4. Well done Evan, and lovely work Michael! That's what friends (and this hobby) are all about.

    And a good reminder I need to put in an order for the cross myself!

  5. Ev's face is a priceless picture 24x7x365 mate. :-)

  6. Thanks for the positive feedback folks. Ev is a true gentleman and a scholar. It's people like him that make this such a great hobby.


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