Sunday 26 October 2014

Epic Squat Project Update

This was supposed to be a Paint Table Saturday post but I was called away on a search and rescue op with the fire brigade at short notice. Instead of painting I got to have a very, very long walk yesterday over some incredibly rough terrain in the heat. 8+ hours of near constant walking, climbing, navigating and searching through the bush all the while. I'm feeling it today but that's to be expected. It takes it's toll on the fittest of us, especially those pushing 45 years.

Easy enough to get lost in. Harder to get found in...

Anyway, so that means this will have to be an Epic Squat Project update post instead. Great progress this week with the mojo well and truly discovered and returned to full service...

Artillery, air support, fast attack and infantry with transports

Two sets of gyrocopters and an airship. Another two airships to go.

Warrior brotherhood and spartan transports

Hearthguard and robot cadre

I also got my first order from Warbases which helped move things along. Unfortunately I was somewhat boneheaded in the execution thereof and ordered the wrong sized bases for infantry.
A second order has been placed and despatched so no a major hold up.

This week I've also managed to win a bunch of fleaBay auctions for termites, a few infantry bits and bobs, a leviathan, a colossus plus spotter plane and another two airships which seriously fills out holes in my war engines and transport. Still looking for moles, a hellbore, a cyclops, a pair of thunderfires and another goliath. If you have some and want to sell or trade speak up!

That's just about it from me apart from taking time to welcome rct75001, Tarty, Clint, Brian English and Dannoc. Great to have you aboard!

And a final shout out to my lovely, talented wife whose wonderful painted fabric entry took out first place in the textile and craft section of this year's Blue Fringe Arts Compo yesterday.



  1. Not 100% sure what they are, but they do look rather nice!

  2. Love the set, and wow, I want to go hiking based on your first photo! Oh wait, I'd probably get lost and need a rescue. ;-)

  3. Epic all round! The models themselves are fabulous, but the scenery in that first photograph is just stunning. I do hope that the mission was success.

    1. Unfortunately not mate. Still ongoing at this point. Can't say more for the sake of privacy.

  4. Beautiful country! I love your line, "Easy enough to get lost in. Harder to get found in..." Perfect!

    Very good that the painting mojo has returned and congratulations for picking up some interesting items on eBay.

  5. Painting mojo definitely back in residence, I see - I'm still awaiting a visit from the painting muse, alas...

    And congrats to your good lady wife for her win, that's excellent news!

  6. Amazing work there, Michael. Hardcore jaunt in the wilderness too!

  7. Countryside looks wonderful - I hope you found who you were looking for?

  8. Great work there! Great looking minis, too bad that GW has stopped producing all of these :(

  9. Huh, a blog with both Napoleonics and Epic?? Perfect! Great work on the Squats!


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