Wednesday 15 October 2014

The Epic Squat Project

If that headline isn't enough to to make you wonder what you're in for clicking the link then I don't know what would. Fortunately for yours truly Google is smart enough to work out what I mean when I type "Epic Squats".

Not these EPIC squats! The other ones!

OK, so anyone who hangs around me or has read the blog for a while knows I have a soft spot for the left-field and/or less popular faction from any given game system or genre. That being the case, if a collection of models was produced by Games Workshop in the late 80s to early 90s and is now loooong OOP, plus the race behind the models was subsequently (and unfairly!) killed off in their 40K fluff I'm more than likely going to be interested.

That brings us to the Squats in Epic Armageddon, GWs mass combat game that was so specialist and so popular and so *not* 40K it had to die. Squats eh? Dead race? Tick! Long OOP? Tick! Hard to find? Tickety-tick! Comparatively expensive to collect? Tickety-flipping-tick! Never actually an official list even though they made the models? Tickety-tickety-dang-tickety-boo! Heck, they've got the lot! Like a Labrador outside a pie factory on baking day there was zero chance I was going to be distracted by something else once I came across these wee chaps...

Anyway, over the last couple of weeks I've been faffing about the painting table desperately searching for my mojo and guess what? I found it painting little hairy space men and their over-compensatingly large vehicles and weapons red-white-black. Here's a sample...

That's better. Although the buns were admittedly rather nice...

So this is the beginning of yet another slightly mad project. Once I get a shipment of bases from Martin and Diane at Warbases I will really kick into it but for now I'm just enjoying myself again at last. Stay tuned!

PS. Yes that *is* Snow White painted on the nose of the airship 1940's bomber style. What else would Space Dwarves [ahem!] Squats paint on there?



  1. Nuttier than a nut bar. Nice one!

  2. I love Squats too! I'm looking forward to seeing this mighty army being built.

  3. You HAVE been playing this one close to the chest, I had no idea you were engaging in a spot of hobby archaeology! To find a unit of Squats is happenstance; to accumulate an army of the little blighters beggars belief...

    Please, keep us posted on the progress of this army!

  4. Awesome project Millsy!! I really like EPIC (arguably the best ruleset GW ever released). I have a bunch of IG and Marines for this. We use 30mm square bases for the mass (with rounds for HQ) and it looks great.

    LOVE the Snow White nose-art...

  5. I love these Millsy and as for nose detail - just superb!

  6. Great looking vehicles, Michale. Love the red.

  7. Crazy, I just started my own Squat army as well for Epic 40k. I have all of the vehicles I need but I just put a big order in at Onslaught Miniatures. They make a decent proxy for Squat troops. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


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