Saturday 22 November 2014

Paint Table Saturday

The paint table is something of a chaotic frenzy at present as I attempt to both prepare for AHPCV and at the same time finish a bunch of half completed projects I want done before it starts.

At present I'm still working my way through my Epic Squats which was held up for a period by a bunch of eBay auctions, all of which have now arrived. In the interim I went back to my Savage Orcs which have also moved along as you can see with another unit of Arrer Boyz nearing completion and a second set of trolls in the works. Pretty much none of this is challenge material apart from yet more of the Savage Orcs so it all needs clearing out quick smart...

Stay tuned for a couple more blog posts this weekend as I try and get some stuff shifted, plus catch up on a batrep and a few other bits and bobs from the last two weeks or so.



  1. Think you'll get the Orcs sorted before the Challenge kicks off? I see you've made a fine start on those eBay trolls!

    That said, I am looking forward to seeing your first round submission - I wonder which antihero will hit the painting table first?

  2. Looks to me that you're are just warming up ahead of the Challenge; with you this pumped up, I can see a points bomb early on.

  3. I like that blue/purple skin tone you used. You've set yourself a large amount to clear off before the 5th.

    The only thing on my painting table right now are primed figures for the Challenge.

  4. I like the look of those Epic Squats - the round bases look really neat. Are you using them with Epic Armageddon or some other set of micro sci-fi rules?

    1. Epic Armageddeon mate, although I've been tempted to use them with Gruntz and treat each infantry base like a single 15mm miniature.


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