Saturday 29 November 2014

To the Strongest has been released!

They're here at last! Simon Miller a.k.a. BigRedBat has just released his long awaited "To the Strongest!" rule set to the wider gaming community for purchase.

I've been reading loads of battle reports and ogling the images from Simon's games for some time, both in general interest and also whilst doing the layout work for Wargame Bloggers Quarterly. If they are even a fraction as good as they look you'll not be disappointed.

In Simon's own words...
I have developed the rules for gaming both for use here in the BigRedBatCave, and for running huge wargames at shows. They are designed to be simple enough for novices to the ancient and medieval periods to easily pick up, whilst, at the same time, providing seasoned gamers with a challenging battle that can be comfortably concluded in an evening (with a glass of beer or wine to hand).
What's not to like?!? Hop on over to and grab yourself a copy ASAP.



  1. Best of wishes to Simon. A wonderful accomplishment.

  2. I look forward to playing (although at the rate I paint, it may be a while until I get a decent-sized army together)!

  3. Thanks Millsy, it has been great fun getting a book together!

    I'm going to add some more free army lists to the shop over the next day or so.

  4. Best wishes for this nice set of rules. As mentioned on Simon's blog, I like the hyperlinked info on the PDF. Might be the way to go for the future of games. Although a hard copy with the nice pictures is always nice too. :)

  5. Congratulations to Simon for getting this produced - no small feat, to be sure. Bravo!! I look forward to giving them a read (and heaven's forbid, scraping some figures together to try a game!).


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