Thursday 27 November 2014

The Silence of the Interwebs

I must apologise for the lack of promised blog activity, alluded to in my last post. Not 24 hours had elapsed since that statement whereupon my internet was terminated by one rather powerful and well aimed lightning strike upon my local telephone exchange.

Site of my former local telephone exchange *

As of this morning normal service has finally been resumed so hopefully things can begin ticking over again in the immediate future...

* Artists rendition. May not be the actual telephone exchange or even remotely to scale. So sue me.



  1. Hahaha - thanks for the laugh this morning

  2. Bolts from the heavens should tell us something about the esteem in which the telephone companies operating agenda are held...nice pic.

  3. Ha ha - made me chuckle Millsy, thanks!

  4. Good to see I amused some of you with my little tirade. SRD, I agree with you in principle regards their operating agenda, however I'm not convinced they are organised enough to have one by design. I suspect it is merely by accident...

  5. Telephone companies! Grrrrr! Well done also for the note on the WBQ page. All those random posts were driving me mad!


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