Sunday 21 June 2015

Paint Table Saturday

Things are progressing well on the Savage Orc army project as I push towards "completion".
The quotes are because I never truly "complete" anything and often sneak a new unit in months or even years after things are supposedly done and dusted.

All that aside, the last week have seen more complete a unit of two Goblin Bolt Throwers and make serious progress on the following Savage Goblin Spida Herdas...

These have further progressed since the photo was taken and the spiders themselves are now close to complete. I'd likely have been finished them altogether but for a lack of suitable glue to affixing the smaller spiders to bases.

Lurking to one side are the beginnings of another project in the form of the first unit for my Gloranthan Lunar force - the Silver Shields (sans shields at this point ironically) and the second half or my Mordheim Orcs and Gobbos warband I taked about recently.

Lastly here's a quick pick of what happens when you have a new kitten in the house. Olivia Jigger is very much a "participant" in the hobby scene and likes to "help" me out. This often leads to the cry of "Shields Up Number One!" and the following becomes necessary...

Here's my baby girl helping her mum out. She's a gorgeous little monster. Light boxes are warm and show her in her best light or so she believes!

Til next time!



  1. I needed those protective boxes when next door's cat sat on my Perry plastic Prussians and bent all their bayonets!

  2. Nicely done, beautiful...but the most beautiful is the cat!

  3. Looking good; love the kitty too!

  4. Some nice work going on there Michael, when the lovely kitten is not getting in the road!

    1. Which is pretty much all the time :-). Thanks Rodger.

  5. Sleep clearly IS for the weak! Wish I could master mass painting, the last attempt nearly killed me.

    So, more and more Savage Orc action; given the amount already completed, I'd have thought you'd draw a line under it, tick the boxes, and say "finished!"

    But is an army ever truly complete though? There's always one more unit, one eBay find which would be the icing on the cake... Its a terrible dilemma!

    I do look forward to seeing more of the Silver Shields, they're nice sculpts and will undoubtedly show themselves to good advantage once painted!

    1. Four more units I own at present I've yet to paint (shaman on wyvern, giant, spider riders and another boar riders). Once done it'll be something in the vicinity of 4500 points. I strongly suspect more of the original metal Forest Gobbos will make their way in there are some point but it's a waiting and patience game for them on fleaBay...

  6. Olivia Jigger is a gorgeous little thing and there's no doubt she's got daddy wrapped round her paw. If your letting her sit on your lightbox and get up on your paint table-she owns you.

    Good progress on these!


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