Sunday 14 June 2015

Time for a clear out...

I've spent the last couple of weeks looking at various projects and deciding whether to keep going, postpone or put in the bin whatever plans I had made. The consequence of this is a number of items are now surplus to requirements for whatever reason.

I'm going to lob them onto the world's largest flea market soonish but thought I'd offer them here first. Prices as listed in Aussie dollars. Contact me using the form on the margin to discuss postage and payment if interested. All items are exactly as depicted.

27 x Lord of the Rings Uruk-hai Pikemen, painted with the White Hand of Saruman: $50.00

20 x Lord of the Rings Uruk-hai Warriors, painted with the White Hand of Saruman. A few have swapped weapons and one is a standard bearer: $40.00

40 x Lord of the Rings Orc Warriors of varying types. Some had broken weapons but have been repaired or replaced. $40.00

1 x Lord of the Rings Cave Troll: $15.00

1 x Box of Conquest Games Norman Knights (contents 15 riders and 12 mounts): $25.00

1 x Warhammer Fantasy Nagash (seen here on Stuff of Legends). Complete, NOS. $50.00

2 x Warhammer Fantasy Undead Carrion with riders: $20.00

16 x i-Kore Void Junkers Infantry including special weapon and a chap I think is called an Aurelian: $40.00

6 x i-Kore Void Junkers Sandrunners and mounted officer: $30.00

Happy to discuss. Thanks for looking.



  1. Bring out your lead! Good luck Millsy

  2. So what you gonna buy with the loot you make?

    1. More of other's people's junk most likely :-)

    2. More storage cupboards and a new room to store them in.
      ; )


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