Monday 8 June 2015

Workbench Holiday Monday

So having spent a good week living the 80s dream I have (kind of) wandered Back to the Future. I've completely knocked off the large 40K commission I was working on and I'm back onto a couple of my own projects... Ah, sweet self-indulgence!

First up I'm adding a new unit to my Savage Orc & Goblins army. This may or may not be a good thing as a complete reorganisation of the display case revealed these jokers have now overtaken an entire shelf on their own and are slowly invading the Space Marines below. That can't end well. I forsee a reprise of Ork's Drift at some point in the future.

Savage Gobbo Spida Herdas. Yes, really...

In a traditional Orc & Goblins army these would be Squig Herds but that's not really appropriate. Sooo.... I'm mixing it up a bit with some spare Forest Goblins of differing varieties, some extra first edition mounts from the Spider Riders and a bunch of smaller spiders from the current Arakanrok kit. The result? Savage Gobbo Spida Herdas!

The other job on the worktable is a new project Evan and I have started - battles in Runequest Glorantha using Simon Miller's To the Strongest! rules. This is my first unit, using some spare miniatures from the lead pile. I don't know who made them or what they are to be honest but they make great Silver Shields (or they will when painted anyway). 

Back to the 80s for just a minute, I had another cracking bit of Oldhammer eBay Fu last night thanks to a good dose of insomnia. Apparently if you can't sleep you can buy a complete RRD5 Ruglud's Armoured Orcs set at 2:00am for a sensible price from a very generous German... Nice!

That's it for today. Happy gaming!



  1. Truly, Sensei, your eBay-Fu is the best!

  2. You can keep the spiders but the silver shields, I like!

  3. Those might be A&A's Millsy. Perhaps Carthos...

  4. Very cool WIP - I like the way you have them based.

  5. It's a brave man who can paint giant spiders is all I can say, mate.


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