Saturday 1 August 2015

Paint Table Saturday

Things have been crazy busy the last few weeks and it seems like an age since I've picked up a brush. In fact I still haven't really, but I guess a can of undercoat almost counts?

Today I made a start on Part II of a full army commission I'm working on for a mate - a 40K Dark Angels force. On the table at present we have a company master, apothecary, five veterans and a converted resin dread...

Now that all the prep work (including EVIL rare earth magnets) is complete I can actually start some painting. Phew...



  1. Plenty there to keep you inspired, good to know you are still out there my friend.

  2. Go for it Michael. I look forward to the results!

  3. You learn something new every day - rare earth magnets are EVIL! ;)

    Looking good so far Millsy :)

  4. I blame WBQ - he's been working like a Trojan to make the next issue look reaaal purty!


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